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Congratulations, You are now a member of Find Pet Watcher USA!


Hold on to the ID card and placard you received in this letter. You may utilize either to display or keep in a place where anyone can find them.

You may add any other pets to any new account but, the current account you own will still allow people to notify your pet caregiver/watcher and give you the peace of mind for any other pets you may have. All new additional animals will receive a new card and placard and will cost the same as your most recent purchase.

You can scan the QR Code on your placard or cards to be automatically taken to the FPW Pet Watcher Information page. This is where anyone with the code can find who is assigned to take care of your pet.

Thanks again for joining and do not forget to bookmark our website so you can return to it every year to renew your membership. Your information will remain on the website, indefinitely, or until you remove it, yourself. You can also contact us if you are having any difficulties at all.

For answers to any question that you may have, visit our Help/FAQ page.

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