About FPW

Pets are part of family and we all want the best for our families so that they have the proper care and security needed to grow vibrant and healthy.

FindPetWatcher is an affirmative solution to an age old problem for your intimate friend of the family: your pet. When you are away from home and have problems getting back to your pets; FPW gives you a secure way to tell others that, not only do you have pets, but who can take care of them when you can’t.

Purchasing a membership is a one time thing for each animal. Signing up gives you an account with us that allows us to store your alternative contact person’s information, so it is safe in a central location where anyone with the QR Code or with the ID number can scan on our website and know who to contact.

If you have several animals then you may add this to the notes but, we mainly want for you to have a central contact person or service location that you can rely on to provide care and comfort to your pets.

You may also sign up for several ID cards (comes with free window-door placard too). Each package, or pet entry, is $4.95 and then we charge $4.95 for Shipping and Handling.

Add your pet to FPW now. No hidden fees and no spam emails and we share absolutely no information with any marketing affiliates or services.