Find Who Cares for Someone’s Pet During Emergencies

A pet could be left unattended to for hours, days or even weeks if there is not an alternative “caretaker” assigned to look into their well being.

What If?:

Natural disaster, sudden illness, lost directions, any reason you may have to leave home unexpectedly you left pet alone… sos

Stranded due to flight cancellation; car breaks down; stranded on top of a mountain; ski injury; boating mishap; heart attack… palm tree

Major injury or unconscious; accident on the highway; adult with dementia lost; just can’t make it home in time to feed the animals… shield

These are all great reasons to sign up with FPW! Have a backup for your pets.

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Members receive two ID cards and a placard. Membership is $4.95 and we charge $4.95 for shipping and handling.
Simple To Do: You enter you pet watcher’s information in Your Account Page and we preserve it on our secure servers so that anyone with the information that is on your card, will be able to immediately find who you assigned to watch over your pets.

We only record the watcher name, phone and email. This is not shared or used for any external or affiliate marketing. We also mask the public view of emails and phone numbers to avoid any bots crawling your personal information. FPW is just a safe place to keep emergency information about your pet. There are other fields of information to add to your profile, about your pet but some will only be visible to your logged-in view. [more info]

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Free ID Card w/ QR Code

FPW emergency card

3.375 x 2.125 protective ID card size. Fits in your wallet and can be used in times of emergency. Or take a pic of card, with a phone to let your house sitter know who to call.

Free Placard for Window

FPW ppacard

5 x 3 inch heavy stock protected paper. Lay in car window or display in house window.

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Never worry about your pet being left alone.